Whether you’re a car owner or lessee, it’s important to care for your vehicle. As an owner, your automobile may expire prematurely if you ignore the routine maintenance it needs. If you’re a lessee, you may be faced with avoidable penalties at the end of your lease if you fail to maintain your vehicle in good condition. Luckily, we make it a breeze to keep up with your routine maintenance schedule. If you need a new part like windshield wipers, for example, you can pick up what you need in our Ford parts center serving Merrillville, IN and surrounding areas.

Similarly, you can count on our experts in our Ford service center whenever your automobile needs some work. While you don’t need to replace it as often as you need to get your oil changed, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace your car’s transmission fluid at some point. Intervals for this service vary widely based on various factors, such as the type of transmission your car is equipped with. Check your owner’s manual or contact Fieldhouse Ford to see when you’ll need to replace your vehicle’s transmission fluid.

In addition to replacing your car’s transmission fluid at the prescribed mileage intervals, you can do a few other things to give your transmission the care it so richly deserves. You can let your vehicle warm up before you start to drive, for instance. With your cooling system being responsible for keeping your transmission fluid cool, you should also make sure the system is working properly. If you have an automatic transmission, you should bring your automobile to a full stop before changing gears. If you don’t, you’ll put undue stress on your transmission.

Is your car due for any type of service? If so, bring it over to our Ford service center near Rensselaer, IN today.